Daily Prompt: Age

via Daily Prompt: Age

Many people claim age is relative. Relative to what? Probably to frame of mind, attitude, all those things we read in predictable FB posts from friends over 50.

There is no question that aging has extraordinary benefits, and probably the most beneficial is how we stop caring about the small stuff. Been there, done that is the perfect much overused answer to telling ourselves that we don’t need to repeat history.  Our own earned life choices made us slightly more capable of thinking twice before naughty or nice.

Age is a measure of time, which is a measure of space in time, which helps us track the framework of the illusions we construct to make sense of the everyday.

I love my age and I even sometimes use the word old. My age is relative to measuring events between birth and death. Not a bad deal to live into old age.  Better than the alternative, (I hope) .

What am I doing here?

I am a writer in development, really living a writer’s life mostly in my head. WordPress is an outstanding opportunity for discipline. Accountability. Showing up every day. Publishing something for others to read. Reading others posts for learning, growing, finding meaning, becoming a better reader and writer.

I have had three previous blogs starting first in 2006. They all died, even though Blogger blogs never die.

I invite you to join me in discipline, as I expect to join you as well.  I will write and want you to write back, in any way you want. My work will be personal, anecdotal, mostly about relationships, marriage and weddings (of course the first one is not a commercial post, just musing). I am a wedding officiant and a university level writing teacher, so those are two vital interests of mine.

I live in Boston, MA; I teach composition at Northeastern University,  and I am a frequent student participant at Grub Street.