Last Day of the Fall Semester

Message from an Empty Classroom

It’s December 6th and this date has been in my calendar for the past three plus months, always looking like it was very far away. There’s something in the air here today, a networked vibe pulsing across the campus that says: “Whew! Almost over. Going home. Graduating soon. Gonna see my sweetheart in another week.”

Snow is even in the forecast for this weekend and amnesiac zombies are looking forward to it. Snow is the one thing we love to love when we first see it and the bloom is very much off the rose as soon as the second snowfall settles in.

The four weeks ahead till the Spring semester used to feel like a long time as well, four weeks without having to get up at 5 AM to start my day. But that, too, is amnesia. It goes so fast and all the plans I have to accomplish so much over the break are reduced to one or two.  But there is today, the only day I have. It is alive and electric, even under grey skies, and that has good energy. Happy December 6th.